Tree Stands

We sell 4 different brands of tree stands.

Each brand has a large water reservoir and is quality made.


Cinco Classic Tree Stand is made here in the USA.  It offers stability for your tree and is very easy to use.

It is made of plastic and there are 4 sizes available;

  • Table top for a tree to 4’
  • Small for the tree to 8’
  • Medium for the tree up to 10’
  • Large for the tree up to 12’.

This is our most popular brand.  It has a very nice affordable price point.

To learn more follow this link to the company web site:


Lifetime Christmas Tree Stand is made of welded steel.

It offers a wide base and oversize water bowl.

There are 2 sizes available;

  • Tree up to 8’
  • Tree up to 12′


4 – Brace Kelco/Gunnard Tree Stand is an extra heavy duty tree stand to hold large Christmas trees.

  • Tree up to 15′
  • Tree up to 20′
  • Tree up to 25′

They have adjustable turnbuckles and heavy steel channel legs.

The stand will hold from 2 ½ gallon to 7 ½ gallons of water depending on the size

of the Christmas Tree stand.


Stand – Strait Super Christmas Tree Stand requires the bottom of the Christmas tree to be

drilled up the center.  St. Joe Christmas Tree Farm offers tree drilling for a small fee.

The stand has 4 metal legs and a water bowl that holds 2 gallons of water.

There are 2 sizes available;

  • 4- Leg Super Stand for a tree up to 10′
  • Monster Super Stand to hold a tree up to 15′