Real Christmas Tree

** For updates on current tree types available please see the home page. **
We will post and update a list, what is available in the fields and PreCut Christmas trees, beginning the Monday after Thanksgiving.

For Pictures and descriptions of various tree types, please visit the National Christmas Tree Association web site at:

St. Joe Christmas Tree Farm offers many varieties and sizes of cut Christmas trees.

Each tree available to purchase whether you wish to cut your own or purchase a ready pre-cut Christmas tree has a tag on the tree.

Christmas Tree TagsFor your convenience the tag will tell you:

the type of tree

approximate size

price for the tree.

Not all trees in a field that is open may be available for sale.

Please remember when coming to the farm:

Only trees with a tag may be cut out of the fields.

Our greeters and employees can help you find the fields that are open for the current year.

Precuts and Ready Cut Christmas Trees

St. Joe Christmas Tree farm offers a quality premium precut Christmas Tree.

St. Joe Christmas Tree Farm works very hard to provide a very fresh PreCut Christmas tree.

Once the trees are cut, much care goes into keeping the trees fresh until it is ready for purchase.

Trees are delivered to our farm several times through the Christmas season beginning the week of Thanksgiving and continuing many times into the 2nd week of December.

Tree types include:

  • Scotch Pine
  • White Pine
  • Douglas Fir
  • Concolor – (very limited supply)
  • Fraser Fir

Sizes:  Range from tabletops of 3 feet to over 10 feet

Choose & Cut Christmas Trees in the fields

Each year St. Joe Christmas Tree Farm employees take pride in the care of the trees in the field.  Beginning in mid October, trees ready for cutting are tagged in the fields.

Please see an example above of what the tags look like.

Not all fields are open, and not all trees in each field are tagged.  We work diligently to only tag trees that are healthy and ready for cutting.               Our greeters and employees can help you find the fields that are open for the current year.

Tree types include:

  • Scotch Pine
  • White Pine
  • Canaan Fir (very limited in the field)
  • Norway Spruce – available in the fields to cut beginning December 1
  • Fraser Fir (very limited supply in the field to cut)

Sizes:  Range from 6 feet to 11 feet depending upon the type of tree.

Complimentary tree shaking and tree baling (wrapping) provided.

St. Joe Christmas Tree Farm is a proud supporter and contributor to the national Trees for Troops Program.  Donation boxes are located in the barn by the hot chocolate and coffee pot and also at the cash registers.